Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gnome Home

Several people on Ravelry have asked me to concoct a pattern for the Gnome Home I made for our niece Jess for Christmas. I totally improvised it at the time, so I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I have devised a set of sketchy instructions so you can make one of your own. Be advised that by sketchy I mean sketchy. Best of luck.
For the base, use a bulky green yarn held together with a strand of matching green eyelash yarn (grass) or several strands of eyelash yarn held together. For walls use a bulky brown yarn, and for the roof use a bulky yarn in a different shade of brown. You will need to use a hook that is just barely large enough to grab the yarn. A very tight fabric is required to make the house stand up. Gauge is not important in this pattern.

ch 2. In 2nd ch from hook sc 6. Place marker or scrap of yarn between 1st and last sts of foundation round.
round 1: 2 sc in every st around (12 sts)
round 2: [1 sc. 2 sc in next st. (increase made)] repeat around (18 sts)
round 3: [2 sc. 2 sc in next st. (increase made)] repeat around (24 sts)
continue in this fashion, adding one single crochet between each increase, until you have a disc approx. 6" in diameter.

round 1: sc around. Switch to brown yarn.
row 2: sc around to last 5 sts. ch 1. turn
repeat row 1 working back and forth, leaving a doorway 5 sts wide, until doorway is about 3" tall.
row 3: sc around to last st of row. 2 sc in last st. ch 1 and turn.
row 4: repeat row 2.
round 5: sc to doorway. ch 1. going across doorway, sc the rest of the round.
round 6: sc around
repeat round 6 for 1" above top of doorway.

Switch to roof color.
round 1: sc around
round 2: [5 sc, sc 2 tog] repeat around
round 3: sc around
repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have about 5 or 6 sts left. Cut yarn and weave end through sts and pull closed.

Your number of stitches should be divisible by 6, so you will be working each scallop over 6 sts. Be sure your slip stitches are in stitches 1 and 6 of each scallop.
ss yarn to first row of roof color. [sk 2 sts. 6 dc in 2nd st. sk 2. ss in next st.] repeat around. break yarn and weave in ends.

I crocheted the flowers in a sport weight microfiber acrylic, but you can use any sport or fingering weight yarn. I don't have a pattern for the flowers. I found various free flower patterns online such as this one, and then sewed them on. I embroidered the stems in green yarn.