Thursday, May 17, 2007

First Haircut & Birthday Loot

After a conversation with my mother-in-law in which we noticed that G- had lost a lot of his hair, I decided yesterday that I should give him a trim before all the blond tips he was born with broke off. I wanted to be able to save some for his baby book. His hair was getting a bit unruly anyway. He looks much better now.

I also got some lovely gifts. My parents gave me the first season DVD of Clatterford, a pair of Crocs sandals that didn't fit my great big ugly-stepsister feet, so mom is going to exchange them for me, and this:

A delicious POUND of bamboo fiber for spinning. Zach also revealed to me that he had ordered some silk for me to spin, as well as some other spinning wheel accessories. I am going to have enough to keep me busy all summer! I just have to get my hands on some hand carders so I can start making my own blends!
My sweet brother and sister-in-law gave me a Hastings gift card, so I can go and get some of the lovely knitting books I have been wanting. YAY! Mom made dinner- Chicken in the foil, which I requested. It is a very nostalgic dish- quite appropriate for my 30th birthday. She also made a chocolate chocolate chip cake with peanut butter frosting. I had a piece for second breakfast this morning.
As far as birthdays go, this was a pretty good one. Except for the debit card number getting stolen again-thing. That sucked. But what can you do?